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With increasing reports of robberies, crime and break-in disruptions, you may be aware of the threat to sites and other premises. In the haulage industry alone, cargo crime is estimated to cost the European business £250m every year. What are you doing to ensure your site is secure, protected and trusted? SNAP Access & Security was introduced to strengthen the existing security of business and commercial sites, minimise the risk of criminal activity, protect revenue and reduce staff workload.

SNAP Access & Security provides and installs:
ANPR Cameras, Barriers, CCTV, Security Fencing, Access Control and Payment Terminals 
The business specialises in supplying and fitting Access & Security products for:
Yards, Depots, Car Parks, Commercial and Retail Properties, Sites, Truck Parks and Petrol Stations.

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Increase security

Utilise the modern technologies on offer to strengthen the security of your site. Minimise the risk of criminal activity, protect your reputation and reduce the workload of your staff.

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Increase cash flow

Use added security to insure and increase your revenue. By reinforcing your security infrastructure, your premises and profits will be safeguarded against the threat of crime.

The SNAP Access & Security Services

ANPR Cameras

ANPR Cameras

Installing an ANPR system gives you the power to control, monitor and record all vehicles entering and exiting the site. Our cameras have day/night functionality and a high definition live feed. The ANPR system successfully captures all UK and European licence plates.

The images are date/time stamped and stored for a minimum six-month period, allowing easy historic searching and providing a resource for police investigations. The system protects revenue by ensuring that all vehicles have paid the correct fee for the duration of their stay. ANPR can be integrated with other SNAP Access & Security products.

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Security barriers


Automated barriers control the flow of traffic entering and exiting a premises. Barriers are able to work independently or can be coordinated with our ANPR technology to provide a complete access control solution.

With boom lengths between 2.5m and 12m, it is possible to accommodate for all sizes of entrances and exits, from large car parks to industrial areas. For increased security, our barriers can be fitted with a skirt that covers the bottom half of the barrier, or a full height curtain that provides a 1.7m high pedestrian deterrent.

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Payment terminal

Payment Terminals

SNAP Payment Terminals ease the staff workload, by offering a self-service payment option for drivers. We have developed a range of functional terminals which are capable of accepting various payment methods including credit/debit card, fuel cards, dual currency and via SNAP account.

The terminals can be used in 15 languages, ensuring ease of use for European drivers and can also be fully integrated with our ANPR system.

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CCTV camera

CCTV Cameras

By using our cameras, your site can be monitored day and night in HD. We offer a wide range of cameras and you can be assured that we have the best product to suit your installation. PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras give users a 360° view which can be manually controlled or set to automatically scan a set area.

You will be given full control of the system and can view live video from a smartphone or tablet. To protect the sites perimeter, we can provide thermal imaging cameras, capable of differentiating between humans and animals, sounding an alarm if a human is detected.

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security fencing


We offer bespoke fencing which is custom made to strengthen the safety of your premises. Fencing entrance sizes can be made to suit requirements, for both vehicular and pedestrian access. We are able to offer long-lasting palisade or security mesh style fences in an array of colours, which protect your site from unwanted intruders.

Fully regulated gate automation can be included to ease the pressure on staff.

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access control

Access Control

By using our flexible Access Control technology, you can manage who is able to access certain buildings, areas, rooms and even cupboards at your site. Access Control can be installed with swipe cards or PIN access, according to your needs and requirements.

You will also be able to give different individuals varying levels of access, dependent on their role and seniority. New users and areas can be easily added at any time.

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